Rich Haslam is originally from Massachusetts, a US state which is known as the “Learning land” with many well-known Universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, ect…

He Joined the US Navy at 17 years of age and served as an Electrician. He also had served in the US Army Reserves as a Military Policeman and the US Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist and Security Specialist. He received training in those areas an also in Supervision, Personnel Management and Supply Logistics.

During his term with the US Reserves he was also a Police Inspector for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and then a Security Specialist for the Dept of Defense Police.

He left a career in Law Enforcement and began to pursue a career as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas, where he founded the Texas Association of Massage Therapists. After moving to sunny Florida, he started a business called The Massage Corner which were mini-clinics set up inside a 7 large International Organic Food Superstores, where he employed 45 Licensed Massage Therapists, Acupuncture Physicians and Chiropractic Doctors.

He has studied Music Ed, Electrical Technology, Criminal Justice, Business Administration and Public Speaking both in Universities and with online accredited courses.

Since moving to Vietnam he has taught English and Pronunciation at HCMC Public Schools, University of Finance and Marketing, Military Hospital 175 and private language centers in addition to teaching Public Speaking, communications and presentations to employees of NashTech (Harvey Nash), Adnovum and a course sponsored by Intel. In addition he produces an online course in Pronunciation and Voice Projection.

As a member of Saigon Toastmasters he has served a the club President, Seargent-At-Arms and also as the Area Director and Chairman, Club Extension Committee (District Sales Manager)  for Dist 97, International Toastmasters.

Rich has acquired a love for Vietnam and it’s people which led to him being asked to guest host several episodes of A Day In The Life of Vietnam on the VTC10 channel.