In the Action English Masters Course your child will learn in a totally emmersive experience everyday of the week.

The course will include daily individual lessons and a group lesson. Groups are small to enable greater one-on-one interactive support from the instructor.T

This course will require the involvement of at least one parent who will learn alongside the child. The parent then continues the lesson at home with the homework. The child is now learning from the very person that they look up to the most – their parent.

  • Child – Listens to the recordings and practices with parent in beginning and then alone in advances classes.
  • Parent – provides environment where child can learn and grow plays recordings and practices with child at home
  • Teacher – provides the lesson and guides the student towards complete mastery, p[rovides a model to imitate and also teaches the parent so the parent can have the experiences to help the child. This sets up the child the opportunity to listen and observe their strongest role model, their parent.