Dear Friend,

English In Action is just a part of what we do. If you are looking for employment as a Teacher or to volunteer in one of our many programs, please read the following description of what we do.

If you have been following my Facebook page you will know that I have started a new venture, Pan Gaia EcoFarm, located in Binh Thuan Province (about 3 hours from HCMC).

The EcoFarm is much more than just a farm. Are you familiar with Natural Building or Permaculture? These are 2 methods for creating a sustainable eco-system.

But the farm is not the central part of this theme. It is just part of the infrastructure to teach children Life Skills, in English, thus doubling what they are taught.

I have the infrastructure in place for housing a small group of students and staff at the farm for weekend, 1 week and 2 week camps.

I also am putting together a program, here in HCMC, teaching soft skills and some life skills in English, along with a basic English program. All of these are taught using TPR (Total Physical response) and WBT (Whole Brain Teaching)

The revenue generated from the HCMC skills program, called English In Action, will be used to fund various projects at the farm. Those are;

  1. A library for children of local indigenous farmers
  2. Improvements of buildings and facilities
  3. Free English training for indigenous children

English In Action is not the only revenue generator. We will also be conducting trainings on;

  1. weekend or multi-day workshops, to teach people how to use our natural resources in a sustainable way.
  2. 1 and 2-week programs teaching natural building skills while working in an ongoing building project for Pan Gaia EcoFarm.
  3. 3 day workshops on Permaculture Farming.
  4. Vietnamese Healing Herbs
  5. Building with Earthbags
  6. How to build a Biogas Generator
  7. Rain water collection and filtering
  8. Cooking Vietnamese style
  9. Yoga
  10. Meditation
  11. Nutrition
  12. Kung fu or other martial arts.
  13. Modern and Traditional Medicine
  14. Wilderness Survival

Pretty cool, yeah?

All of this is going to take a lot of time and effort, and lots of people. That’s where you come in.

I am putting together groups for various functions within the organization. In addition to paid staff, such as teachers (Here in HCMC and Binh Thuan) I am also looking for volunteers in the following areas.

  1. Board of Advisors – have specific professional skills or knowledge and can be available every now and then for consultation.
  2. Academic Board of Advisors – Have specific professional knowledge in creating and implementation of learning programs
  3. General Help Volunteers – Willing to help in any way that the organizations needs. Sometimes tasks need to be performed that are basic and menial. Every effort will be made to make sure these tasks are spread throughout the volunteer force so no one person is tasked with too much.

Do you want to be a part of this exciting and rewarding adventure? If so, please sign up on our Volunteer Application Form“. Use this form also if you are looking for paid work as a teacher.