Action Kidz

Action Kidz is a method of teaching that uses TPR (Total Physical Response) and Whole Brain Teaching

.Children are encouraged to participate because there is no wrong way. The fast pace, along with using educational games keeps the child engaged in a learning mode for an extended period of time.

Learning English can be FUN!

When you learn with our English-in-Action method you will not only have fun but you will learn 4 times faster than traditional methods

  • Students are fully engaged
  • Problem children want to come back
  • Good students become even better

Most classes involve having children sitting down and either reading from a book or watching an overhead projector.

At Action Kidz, we don’t teach a child to read until after they have developed an English vocabulary roughly equal to what they have in their native tongue.

This is the natural way that children learn. This enables them to learn how to communicate and learn much faster than traditional methods where reading is introduced at the very beginning.

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